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Pemberton Tour Search
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Searching for Tours


Using the Search form, you can search our tour database and find the perfect activity to do anywhere in our region.  

To search for a tour simply follow these steps:

To do a general search (not checking real-time rates and availability of tours)

1.  You can select a tour company from the drop down list of tours- this will bring up that tour providers general information page, (with a list of tours) when you click general search or you can enter in part of the tour company name in the name search and click general search and all tour companies with that word in their name will appear in a list.  You can click onto the name of the tour provider to view their general information page.  You could also leave the drop down list on all tours and all tour providers will appear when you click general search, or just search for a particular tour type by ticking the tour type of your choice.  For any of the above options, click on general search and according to which option you decided to chose general details will appear.


Notes that the following symbols show the propertys status on the site:
These propertys rates and availability are 100% up to date and your booking will be instantly confirmed. Propertys rates and availability are 100% up to date and your booking will be instantly confirmed
This propertys availability may have up to 24 hours confirmation waiting period. Propertys availability will be confirmed within 24 hours