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Fly Fishing Tours and Lessons
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Fly Fishing Lessons and Fishing Tours


If you're an avid freshwater angler then Pemberton is your mecca and every state record trout has come from within the beautiful surrounding Karri forests in either the Warren or Donnelly rivers. That's right the Donnelly had a state record at one stage.

Redfin Perch are an underated fish as they have wonderful table qualities. Also their removal from our waters benefits the other fish species and our marron as they are quite prolific in numbers and in some instants reach plague proportions.

Speaking of Marron they are only found in the South West of Western australia and what a magnificent specimen of freshwater crayfish they are. Personally I would eat Marron over Lobster any day and you are more than welcome to try and change my mind on that.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that Pemberton is strictly a freshwater fishing stronghold.

Within 1 hour you could also be fishing the best estaury waters in the state, but please keep it a secret as they are world class and still pristine.

Walpole and Augusta are easily reached within an hour and you would be amazed at the different species of fish that can be caught. Black Bream , Silver Bream , Australian Salmon , King George Whiting , Yellowfin Whiting , Several different species of Flathead, Tailor, Gummy Sharks the list is a varied and complex one.

If you like to fish for saltwater species then the coastline that you can access from the Pemberton area is still unspoiled and you are always a chance of trophy fish. Recently a 60 pound Mulloway was caught at Warren Beach which featured in a prominent Perth fishing magazine and even if you do not have a 4 wheel drive Salmon Beach is a great fishing spot and is accessible with a two wheel drive.


While you are here embrace what Pemberton has to offer. If you're sick of the grind and hussle and bussle of the city then the tranquility of the Karri forests are for you. Immerse yourself amongst nature and enjoy the peace that only pristine forest can show you.

Jim Kitis is a well known fly fishing instructor and a catch and release guide.

"Give a person a fish you feed them once , Teach them to fish you feed them for a lifetime."

Our wild fish populations are far to precious to catch only once. Wild fish breed for survival where as farm fish are bred for consumption. Jim always provides fish for you to take home after your fly fishing lessons or guided fishing trips and does this from farm stock fish. That way our wild fish stocks are preserved and one day when you finally catch that fish of a lifetime you will derive far more pleasure from letting it go to be caught again than the initial thrill of hooking, playing and then landing the fish.

Jim can cater for any number of clients and corporate bookings are welcome, so please contact him via email or phone and allow him to quote you on not only a fly fishing lesson or guided tour but a great experience of learning to fly fish that will be with you forever.

If you can't make it to Pemberton it's ok, even though Jim is based here he can teach fly fishing anywhere in the state, but bare in mind you won't be able to enjoy the UNIQUE experience that only Pemberton can offer.   

Gift Vouchers are available for that special person in your life and JIM can specifically cater to your needs.


For bookings call Jim on 0427 007 080 or email jim.kitis@bigpond.com